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Broken comments

Comments on my blog have been broken for a while now. It’s probably related to the blog being hacked at some point. I removed the spam links that were inserted in the page, but it’s still corrupted somehow. What I really need to do is a long-overdue upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. I’m running 1.5, and the latest is 3.1.2. But with moving and an impending baby, life has been a bit busy for that kind of project.

Budget Machine

As I’ve mentioned previously on my blog, I’m now working on a personal budget application titled Budget Machine. This one is open source, and hosted on GitHub so you can see the work in progress.

A quick overview of the features and goals:

  • The focus is on tracking expenses and budgets. Most other personal finance apps focus on balancing accounts, so I’m writing this because it suits my needs better.
  • I like charts, so I’m working on having charts that automatically update to reflect the current selection and view.
  • Extra fields for clickable package tracking numbers, product URLs, and so forth would be fun to have.
  • Of course, it has to look good. I’m looking at lots of other well-designed apps and aiming high for Budget Machine’s appearance and usability.

I like GitHub because it adds a more social aspect to open source programming. Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas you have either here or in the project’s wiki or issues pages.

Anxiously Engaged

I rarely post things here about my personal life, sticking instead to things related to this site’s content, plus the occasional rant, opinion, or experience that I figure might be of interest.

But I decided to make an exception in this case because, as Lisa has already mentioned in her blog, we got engaged. Now of course everyone’s dying to know when the Big Day will be, and all that, but it’s only been a couple of days, so we’re still hammering out the details.

On the one hand, getting engaged solved some problems - questions about dating and the relationship aren’t much of an issue now, but they’ve been replaced by plenty of other questions about the who, what, when and where of the wedding. Crazy. But in a few months we’ll be able to move on from getting married to being married, which was the whole point anyway.

ACCELA October 2006 release

The most sweeping change since the last release is the refactoring of the XWrapper and XRefCountObject templates. The constructors were split into two versions, instead of taking an inDoRetain/inOwner parameter. The new version is cleaner, especially when passing the result of a function to the constructor.

The new Bindings group of classes provide support for basic Cocoa bindings in Carbon controls: value, text, enabled, minimum, and maximum. Data browser support is a work in progress.

The AEventParameter family of classes have been reworked slightly to use template specialization to associate event parameters, types, and type codes. It’s just the kind of tedious work that ought to be done by the compiler.

Many other changes and improvements have been made, including more examples and a few basic unit tests. I have also written up an overview of the major classes.

Download here.

Let’s do lunch

For those who haven’t seen the blog posts, I’m at WWDC this week. If you’re here too, drop me a line so we can get together and say hi. Meeting people is at least half the fun of this show.

Recent Releases

The main page just got a new thing: a list of recent releases. Like the body of the main page, this is powered by WordPress, listing posts in the new Releases category. I’ve been thinking for a while that the main page was lacking something. This should help not only by providing convenient download links, but also giving visitors a better idea of what goes on here.

Forums are gone

I have decided to remove the forums section of my site, at least for the time being. It has been months since there were any meaningful posts, and I’m tired of deleting spam accounts every day.

It sure was a tedious process. I forgot how many pages I have on this site. One of these days I should look in to using CSS or PHP some more to consolidate all the redundant HTML in my pages.

XVG page added

Although it will be a while yet before I have an actual release, I’ve added an XVG page to the site with an overview of the project.

Currently I’m still in the middle of object resizing - I need to do lines, polygons, and paths. Next will be creating basic shapes, and then possibly refining the inspector interface. I’m thinking of adding a Calatog palette, which will hold things like gradients, filters, symbols, and CSS styles.

What I really want to do for the XVG web site is set up Trac at xvg.sourceforge.net, but currently Trac requires that Subversion be set up on the same server which SourceForge doesn’t do. I can’t do it here at uncommonplace.com either, since I can’t run Subversion at all (unless I switched to a different web host, but that would be a big pain and probably too expensive). Hopefully there will be either a fix or a workaround soon.

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