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My name is David Catmull, and this is my web site. You'll find collected here my Macintosh shareware, icons, and Unreal Tournament mods. Aside from the shareware, everything is free, so help yourself. The site will continue to evolve over time to match my interests and activities. You may be surprised at what pops up.

I have studied computer science at the University of Utah and Cal State Hayward, and computer animation at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I have also been a Macintosh programmer at Efficient Networks and Blue Falcon Networks (formerly Static Online), a software tester and developer at Pixar Animation Studios, an English teacher in Japan at America Eigo Gakuin, and a missionary in Chile for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

My father is president of Pixar Animation Studios.
My mother is involved in folk dancing.
My brother publishes comics under the title of Paper Theater and Monster Parade.
My sister is into deviantART.

For the technically curious, I designed and created this site using Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver. The logo font is Futura, in a couple of variations. This design is more colorful and complex than what I've had previously (which isn't saying much), but I decided it was time for something just a bit more interesting.

And for those curious about the quotes on the front page:

"4WD with the feeling of nature and the sense of urban having a wide range of activities as daily space."
  Taken from a Japanese spare tire cover.
"The challenge of creating ideas that match machines to human sensibility is irresistible."
  A quote from Syd Mead's book Oblagon.
"For great justice."
  From everybody's favorite game, Zero Wing.
"For a job like this, I have to put on my famous disguise..."
  This is a Snoopy quote. I just like the idea of a famous disguise.
"One call. That's all."   It's such an overused slogan, I thought I might as well throw it in.
"Pencils that taste like bacon!"   I had this quote on one of my earliest web pages, with the intention of changing it occasionally. It's from Pinky and the Brain. Alternately, you could have bacon that tastes like pencils.
"The door is made of soup."   Excerpt from an Italian lesson from Brak.

Most of the rest I just made up myself.

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