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     Good user feedback
    Filed under: — David @ 12:51 pm

    A user brought to my attention the fact that Icon Machine can’t customise a user’s home folder in OS X. I tried it and found that it results in a permissions error (-5000). Solving this problem is rather complicated (I’d have to get an administrator password from the user, and then launch a separate program to do the actual saving), but I did find some things to fix.

    One, there was no regular error dialog displayed, just the debugging alert.
    Two, I didn’t have a description for error code -5000.

    I also made the error alerts draggable in OS X. These constituted the last-minute changes before releasing 3.0b22 - I was actually in the middle of preparing the release when I got the e-mail.

    The new-and-improved color window is in place in this release, adapting its color palette to whatever you happen to be editing. I’m using animated window resizing in OS X; I’ll leave it to user feedback to decide if that’s annoying or not.

    Filed under: — David @ 12:52 pm

    I finally got working on making the Color window update to reflect the current icon and view like the popups do. Yes, it’s about time. It’s turning out to be a bit more complicated than I expected, since I hadn’t realized that it wasn’t even responding to mask view properly.

    I also found out what I was doing wrong with the font panel, so it may still be in the next release (if you’re using OS X 10.2). The only remaining issue is that, for some reason, the oblique styles of Helvetica and Courier aren’t working. If I can get that fixed, then it’ll be in b22.

    And I fixed a couple of bugs that were brought to my attention by a tester (thanks Dan): Export Icon was enabled for empty icons, and adding to a selection would cause the previous contents to be lost.

     In case anyone cares about OS 9…
    Filed under: — David @ 12:54 pm

    As noted in the “Crash when opening folders” forum thread, there seems to be a problem on certain systems where Icon Machine crashes when you try to open a folder that has a custom icon. I’m not sure if I’ve duplicated the problem on my system, or if I was just experiencing a CodeWarrior bug.

    On the other hand, I believe I’ve fixed the -1310 errors that occurred when saving in OS 9 or Classic. Only two users complained of this, which makes me suspect I don’t have many OS 9-using customers left.

    I also made progress on flip/rotate issues. I haven’t fixed the memory leak yet, but I did fix the problem where if you drop or paste an image (especially something like a document icon) into an editing window, and then rotate or flip it, the image may end up offset inside the selection border.

     Lots of text stuff
    Filed under: — David @ 12:55 pm

    I took a whack at doing Quartz-smoothed text instead of QuickDraw-smoothed text, and got it basically working, but found that in order for non-Roman text (like Japanese) to display correctly I’ll need to implement Unicode text input, which is a significant change. And since I have a significant number of Japanese users, I’m putting that one off.

    I also fixed the popup menus when the text tool is active. One of the fun things about Carbon Events is it’s easy to forget where your menu commands are being sent.

    The problem with the text tool not immediately responding to color changes was a bit complicated to solve, but it involved making some structural changes which in the end will be a good thing. This also applies to the polygon tool - those two are the only tools that do something without the mouse button being down.

     Yes, there are more bugs…
    Filed under: — David @ 12:56 pm

    First of all, I accidentally left the Font Panel code in, when it should have been removed because I can’t get it to work. So unfortunately, OS X 10.2 users will have to do without being able to choose fonts until the next release.

    I fixed two problems with the Other Size dialog - it wouldn’t let you type two-digit numbers, and when you closed it the text you were editing becomes finalized.

    While I was dealing with text, I finally decided to fix something that’s been bugging me since 2.0 - anti-aliased text on a transparent background comes out wrong. And it turned out to be easier to fix than I thought. It does take more memory though.

    The one I haven’t figured out yet is after you use the text tool, the color popups stop working - they snap back to the original color when you release the mouse.

     3.0b21 posted
    Filed under: — David @ 12:57 pm

    Version 3.0b21 has been released to the public!

    A last-minute change was in the scrolling credits. A change to fix the Japanese version (or specifically, anti-aliasing issues) ended up causing a light gray rectangle where the text fades out at the top. I ended up having to use a 32-bit offscreen buffer instead of 8-bit, but I somewhat balanced that out by having it not do double-buffering on OS X, since that’s redundant.

    And then, of course, there were several bug reports immediately after the release of b21, including problems with the Other Size dialog, and the fact that everything draws black in mask view. Ah well, this was never intended to be a bug-free release, just a Jaguar-fix release.

    Anyway, I guess b22 will have to come sooner than I thought :D

     Why didn’t it break before?
    Filed under: — David @ 12:59 pm

    The Mini icon problem has been solved… it was one of those things where it used to work and then broke, and when I found the problem and fixed it, I couldn’t figure out how it ever worked in the first place.

    Similarly, I just found a bug where it would sometimes crash while displaying a scrolled window (especially when scrolling it), and I don’t know why I’ve never seen it happen before. Fortunately it was an easy fix.

    That happened while I was making it so pasted images appear in the center of the window - even when the window is scrolled.

    There was a report that in OS 9, trying to drag a selection always got a contextual menu instead. This is apparently caused by the click-and-hold contextual menus not working right, though I can’t duplicate the problem. The delay was supposed to be based on the system-wide double-click time; I changed it to a constant (40 ticks) which will hopefully fix the problem.

     Transformation trouble
    Filed under: — David @ 1:00 pm

    While I fixed the bug where the selection border didn’t get updated on screen after a flip or rotate, the flip/rotate (ie transformation) code has a memory leak in in somewhere which I’m having trouble tracking down.

    I also nailed a bug that caused an error when applying a custom icon to a folder that didn’t already have one.

    And I found that the mini icons trouble extends to OS 9, and it doesn’t happen with 3.0b19, so somewhere along the line I broke something. Ah well. The nice thing about bugs that are Apple’s fault is I can blame Apple. The nice thing about bugs that are my fault is I can fix them.

    By the way, if anyone is interested in getting on the beta test team, contact me.

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