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     Better text
    Filed under: — David @ 12:49 pm

    A few more bug fixed, in hopes of doing a for-real final 3.0 release some time this millenium:
    - Fixed text in non-32-bit icons - it wasn’t showing up at all. Naturally, it was my anti-aliased text fix that broke this.
    - Fixed 32-bit text in image-only mode.
    - Switching views ends a text-editing session. I suppose it doesn’t have to be this way, but it made sense to me.
    - Fixed the garbage generated by the Fix Mask operation.

     One more feature down
    Filed under: — David @ 11:18 pm

    The account options dialog works now: a user can edit their password, homepage, and e-mail address, and the server re-writes the accounts.xml file. Now I just need a Get Info dialog to complement it.

    Another thing that has been added, though not yet really used, is service configuration settings. These are like permissions, only they’re global for each service. Like permissions, they’re defined in the options.xml file, but the values are specified in server.xml. Examples would be the chat greeting (replacing the current hard-coded “Welcome to Volley”), or the path to the main file sharing directory.

    I also finally figured out how to make Internet location files when you drag the proxy icon of the chat window: include a ‘url ‘ data flavor. And I discovered that, when you double-cilck one of those files, the Finder uses the old-fashioned Internet Config GURL/GURL AppleEvents instead of the newer gurl/gurl events. On the bright side, I discovered that, contrary to what I thought, the client was in fact successfully registering itself for “volley://” URL types.

    I’m seeing quite a few hits and downloads on the SourceForge project stats page (66 dowloads so far).. I only wish I had access to the web logs so I could see where these people were coming from.

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