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     We’ve got plugins!
    Filed under: — David @ 1:12 pm

    The chat service has been successfully separated into a plugin! Woohoo! This was, by the way, done without making any changes to the chat service itself. I just took the existing messaging interface, wrapped it up in a plugin API, moved the chat service into a plugin, and it works.

    News, once I actually get it finished, will be more of a test since it involves queries and replies. I think it will work, though.

    So now the basic plugin API is in place, and the server can have plugins. The client’s plugins will be more complicated, since they will also involve a user interface, so there will be an additional UI plugin API built on top of what I have now, and the client will have a modular user interface design which I have only sort of worked out in my head.

    I think that server plugins effectively show that the Volley design works, so for this alpha stage that’s all I’m going to do. Client plugins will come later.

     Back into it
    Filed under: — David @ 1:12 pm

    Now that the new semester is starting, I’m finally getting back to work on Volley. I started by adding HeaderDoc comments to all the core classes, which was good for two reasons: one, to get myself reacquanted with the code after months of barely thinking about it; two, having the documentation up on the web site gives me a much better chance of attracting other developers.

    And now I’ve finally gotten the server compiled again. Apparently I had been making some major changes without keeping the CodeWarrior project up to date, so that has been fixed (I was using ProjectBuilder to work on the server, and CW for the client, since neither IDE was good at debugging two apps at once). The server side of the flat news service was written quite a while ago, and today I got it to compile. Who knows if it actually works :)

    Aside from that, I’ve also been working on the plugin API and obligatory wrappers to make everything all clean and transparent. I’ve been putting that off for a long time, but now that I’ve finally gotten around to it, it seems to be coming together pretty much the way I imagined. Once I make sure everything is still working, I expect I’ll move chat and news into a plugin (you can have multiple services in one plugin!) and get that working.

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