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    Filed under: — David @ 1:04 pm

    I finally worked around the main obstacle to getting the client built under XCode. I had two versions of the file VMessageQueue.h, one for the client and the other for the server, in different folders. In CodeWarrior this was not a problem because it’s easy to control which folder it looks it first. In XCode, on the other hand, this can’t be done with a reasonable amount of effort. So I stuck with CodeWarrior for a while.

    I decided to attack the problem again because I want the client and server to run on OS X 10.2, and that seems easier to accomplish in XCode. So I reworked the message queue stuff so that the different behavior I want comes from stuff in the source files, rather than being a side effect of the ordering of search paths in the project. I think that’s better in the end anyway. Of course I ran into another problem with the link ordering (which is also easy to fix in CW), but at least I made some progress.

    And it’s been great to take a break from all this paper-writing stuff I’ve been doing for school.

     Replication woes
    Filed under: — David @ 1:28 pm

    It’s amazing how this whole network replication thing always seems to resist doing what I want it to do. There was a bunch of stuff that kept the VFD HUD from working in 3.0b2, and I’ve got that fixed now. I even spent most of this morning fixing the minor problem that capture point beacons were really choppy in their transition effects in net games. This was caused by the effect being driven by the server, rather than being entirely client-side like I wanted. So now they’re working the way they’re supposed to.

    There’s just one main bug (and a couple of minor ones) left to fix, and then I think I’ll do the final release.

     Fourth place!
    Filed under: — David @ 12:32 pm

    Flag Domination 1.0 has won fourth place in Phase 2 of the Make Something Unreal Contest! The vastly improved Flag Domination 3.0 (adding support for vehicles) will also be an entry in Phase 3 of the contest.

     That darn Hydra
    Filed under: — David @ 8:32 pm

    I was having a lot of issues with bots dancing (or driving) back and forth, and finally found the cause last week (the SquadObjective was being changed too much). Unfortunately it was one of those multi-headed bugs where I had to keep fixing it in various places. And once I got that done I had to fix up an issue with AssaultPaths. But now that’s all done, and the bots are much better than they were before.

    And having reached that point, I decided it was time for a beta release!

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