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     Getting volunteered
    Filed under: — David @ 6:58 pm

    Open source software is the kind of thing where you can say “can someone please do this thing?” and they’ll answer “well, why not you?” That’s how I came to be the person creating the XCode projects for the Adobe Source Libraries. I wanted this done because they use CodeWarrior 9 and I haven’t upgraded (nor do I plan to).

    Making the projects means more than just making the projects, of course. There are the CodeWarrior vs gcc compiler issues to be worked out, especially in such template-heavy code as this is. But today I finally got the main demo app building and running properly, and I think my stuff is going to be in the next ASL release (1.0.2).

    There are some really cool ideas in ASL, and I’m looking forward to using them. There are still some issues and some areas to be fleshed out more, but it’s looking really good and I think the fact that it has Adobe behind it means it’s not going to fade away like some open source projects do.

    Speaking of which, if anyone thinks I’ve given up on Volley, I haven’t. I’ve been busy with other stuff, but I’ll come back to it. It’s an idea that I still very much believe in.

     Finally employed
    Filed under: — David @ 9:19 am

    Yesterday I started my first day at Final Draft. This job has, among other things, a good combination of opportunities to both use my existing knowledge and skills and to learn new ones - specifically Windows programming, since the Final Draft applications run on both platforms.

    Moving back to Los Angeles after almost four years is an interesting experience, though whereas before I lived in west LA and Culver City, I decided (at least to begin with) to live close to the office here in somewhat middle-of-nowhere Calabasas.

    How this will affect my other pursuits remains to be seen; the last time I was in LA it seemed that programming all day made me want to dedicate more of my free time to game development. I do have some other projects that need to be finished off though, like Sprightly Hardware and Icon Machine 3.2. I’m still looking for beta testers, by the way. I know at least a couple of people have logged in to download the beta, but I haven’t gotten any feedback from them.

     Good news and bad news
    Filed under: — David @ 9:17 pm

    Just got this from FilePlanet about Flag Domination 3.3:

    Sorry, your submission to FilePlanet titled and submitted 2/28/2005 4:25:48 PM, has been rejected.

    This might be because we already have the file, we found it inappropriate for FilePlanet, or you didn’t provide us enough information to process it.

    Your file has been approved and updated. Please disregard any other notices.

    Rejected, approved, and updated. Does your head hurt too?

     Scavenger is broken
    Filed under: — David @ 10:41 am

    I’ve been notified of a bug in Flag Domination which basically renders the Scavenger scoring mode useless: any points scored by the Red Team are instead awarded to the Blue Team. It’s been fixed for the next version.

    I always liked Incursion better anyway… :)

     Icon-making tricks
    Filed under: — David @ 11:01 pm

    As a companion to my previous article on icon design, I have posted a second one about the icon-making tricks I have developed for making icons in Photoshop. It mainly discusses the use of Photoshop’s layer effects, which I make heavy use of in most of my icons. Bring any follow-up questions to the forums.

     Most-requested feature
    Filed under: — David @ 3:57 pm

    I’ve started looking at implementing .ico import/export using the FreeImage library. Converting between Windows and Mac icons is a non-trivial task because of how different the formats are. The 8-bit and 4-bit icons have different color palettes, for one thing. And what should I do with a Windows icon that has a 24x24 size?

    Ideally what I want to do is have Windows and Mac icons be two different and equally supported document types, so when you open a .ico file you get a Windows icon document. You can convert it to a Mac icon by saving it as a .icns file, but otherwise you’d be editing the Windows icon as-is and in-place. I could also unify them into some kind of “icon project” document that would contain all the image types that are used by both formats, and you can export .ico or .icns files (plus various image formats) from that.

    Going even farther, I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of “Icon Machine Pro” with advanced image management and drawing tools. The goal would be to make the drawing tools advanced enough that I could dump Photoshop altogether in my icon-making process, while also tailoring the tools for this situation of creating images of multiple sizes and depths all based on the same design. That would make it even better than Photoshop for the task of icon design.

    Filed under: — David @ 8:42 am

    I looked at my logs this morning, and saw messages about banned IP addresses trying to download Flag Domination. You see, that’s one of the reasons you need to be careful about viruses. Or get a Mac. I have banned several addresses for blog spamming (including just about anything owned by I continue to see spam attempts from banned addresses pretty much every day.

    One of the would-be downloaders has been removed from my ban list for now, so they can try getting FD again, though of course if I get any more spam from them they’re out for good. The other address in the log actually isn’t in the ban list, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there. Maybe they’re on some kind of dynamic address thing and it changed while they were browsing. I’m leaving that one banned until I know what’s up. I had submitted FD to a couple of download sites like File Planet, but it takes a while for that to go through.

     Adam and Eve
    Filed under: — David @ 7:58 pm

    Adobe has joined the open source world. The first thing I thought was interesting about this is that the libraries they posted are still in development, and they’re still in the process of integrating them into their applications. It’s not like they just had some code lying around and they decided to make it open source just for kicks. It doesn’t even have a very restrictive license.

    The two components are called Adam and Eve. EVE stands for Express View Engine, and I guess Adam was just named to go with Eve. Eve is a declarative user interface system like XUL - in fact, the parser is separate and could be replaced with parsers for other file types, maybe even XUL files. Adam is apparently like Cocoa bindings, which is a cool thing to have in C++. The way Cocoa bindings work is very much dependent on Objective-C, so it’s interesting that the Adobe people went ahead and did something similar without Objective-C. I wonder if they were influenced by Cocoa bindings, or if they were just driven by the same need.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to learn XUL and JavaScript and all that because Mozilla seems like a good platform for the Volley client. But now there’s another cross-platform user interface tool to consider. I think I’ll probably still go with Mozilla for Volley because it’s an Internet application, and it would be cool to have the client as a Firefox extension. But maybe I’ll find this Adobe stuff to be useful for something else.

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