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     Another outage
    Filed under: — David @ 5:09 pm

    Because my “domain management” account is separate from my main web host account, and therefore has separate contact info, I neglected to update it and therefore didn’t get notified when my domain name,, was up for renewal. I didn’t realize what had happened until I noticed that I wasn’t getting any email…

    Then when I went to renew, after accepting my payment the system told me there was a “problem” for which I had to contact support. It took them a few hours to respond, which was not fun, but when they did it was in the middle of the night, so at least I know they’re not sleeping on the job.

    It’s frustrating not being able to have more direct control over my web site when I depend on it so much. But I don’t have the resources required to run a site myself, so I make do with things as they are. And I’m glad that, for now, things are working again.

     1 Video
    Filed under: — David @ 2:49 pm

    iTunes has been doing something that I don’t understand, and it’s been bugging me.

    When I’m browsing the iTunes Store, in the upper right corner next to my account name, there’s a box that says “1 Video” with the same greenish LCD background as the top status area. But I can’t figure out what this refers to. It doesn’t respond to mouse clicks, and no help tag appears when I leave the mouse cursor over it.

    My first thought was there might be a new episode available for one of my season passes, but the Check for Purchases command tells me there’s nothing to download.

    The next thing I thought of was that there was a video sitting in my shopping cart that had been there for a very long time because I never quite decided I wanted to buy it. So I deleted it from the cart, but that wasn’t the 1 Video because the little status box is still there.

    What is this 1 Video, and why does it haunt me?

     Unreal Tournament 3 initial thoughts
    Filed under: — David @ 8:54 am
    • Still no “mature taunts” option - and no, the bAllowMatureLanguage flag in the .ini files doesn’t work, at least not on taunts. I looked at a few of the profanity taunt sounds, and the bMature flag isn’t even set on them. I guess my mutator will have to filter them manually. What a pain.
    • Where’s the custom node setup UI for Warfare?
    • I like how there are designated folders for Custom Maps and Customs Characters.
    • I love how the new Torlan extends beyond the playable area to give it some context. The communications tower in the center is now just one in a long series of towers extending from one horizon to the other, and the river below it is still running. But where the heck is the AVRiL?
    • It seems to be having trouble saving my keyboard setup, just as the beta demo did.
    • Why the heck is there no Spectate option?
    • I prefer third-person view for deaths. Another mutator?
    • I would rather see map descriptions in the game setup UI as before, rather than waiting until the game has started.
    • I did a quick poking around in the editor. Vehicle factories don’t look like vehicles anymore; in fact I couldn’t find them at all. There are also too many buttons to fit in four-pane mode on my monitor.

    I’d love to get modding right away, but I just have less spare time than I used to.

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