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    Filed under: — David @ 4:32 pm

    I usually enjoy the Daily Show (when it doesn’t get too raunchy), but this week Jon Stewart had me literally rolling on the floor laughing for the first time, with his comments about the latest Democratic debate.

    The first hour of last night’s debate was a 60 minute master class in questions that elevate out-of-context remarks and trivial, insipid miscues into subjects of natural discourse… which is my job! Stop doing my job! That’s what I’m here for! I’m the silly man!

    It really was pathetic. After spending the first half of the debate on questions of bitterness, Bosnian airstrips, and people that Barack Obama happens to know, they finally got around to talking about the economy, while at the same time calling it “the number one issue on Americans’ minds”. Yes, thank you for taking a little time to discuss an issue that we actually care about.

    I was happy to see that Barack Obama recognized the inanity of the questions. Hillary Clinton’s response to that was to claim that Obama was complaining about having to deal with “tough questions”. Is she trying to compete with Jon Stewart too? Well, Hillary, if you think you can handle that kind of question, then why is it you weren’t wearing a flag pin? Not that I’m questioning your patriotism, I just want to know if you believe in the American flag and everything it stands for.

    You’ll have to forgive me if I sound a little bit bitter about these things.

     Weird Idol
    Filed under: — David @ 9:46 am

    Contrary to my previous expectations, I’m getting into American Idol this season. I guess I just didn’t expect to like the music, but I find I actually do in most cases. I’ve developed my favorites and non-favorites, and even voted a few times.

    When they had Dolly Parton night last week, it got me thinking of another possible theme - Weird Al night. Not that it would ever happen, but maybe that makes it that much more fun to speculate about. So here’s my list of which songs I think they’d do. I decided to stick to Al’s original songs - “style parodies” as he calls them, since they’re supposed to sound like a particular style or band, but not a specific song. I did that because most of the ones I thought of were originals anyway, so I thought why not make that part of the theme.

    Brooke White - Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
    Carly Smithson - Midnight Star
    David Archuleta - One More Minute
    David Cook - Velvet Elvis
    Jason Castro - Good Old Days
    Kristy Lee Cook - Good Enough For Now
    Syesha Mercado - Don’t Download This Song
    Michael Johns - She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
    Amanda Overmeyer - That Boy Could Dance
    Chikezie - Generic Blues

    I couldn’t think of one for Ramiele, and wasn’t much into David Hernandez.

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