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version 2.6

StuffCM is $9 shareware

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French version
(version 2.5.2)

Japanese version


StuffCM is a contextual menu plugin that works with Aladdin Systems' StuffIt Engine. It can Stuff, UnStuff, and BinHex files directly in the Finder through the contextual menu commands. You can also choose between creating StuffIt 4 or 5 archives if you have both versions of the StuffIt Engine.

The StuffCM package also includes a control panel with lots of settings to play with, plus the option to assign modifier keys to toggle those settings on the fly.

StuffCM is also a little thing called shareware - you can download it, keep it, pass it around, show it off at parties, whatever. But if you use it, please pay me $9 (you can register right here on the web). Share and enjoy!

System requirements:

  • Mac OS 8 or 9 (Mac OS X version not yet available)
  • PowerPC processor
  • StuffIt Engine